AOE Library is primarily a list of useful sites and tools build by those in the Age of Empires 2 community.

You can also find a table of the perfect age uptimes for your favourite civilization. Fast castle times & fast feudal for both generic civs and those with a bonus.

Types of Content

  • Tools - every sort of AOE tool you think of
  • Stats - see stats for players, civs and openings.
  • Build Order - build orders and other guides on how to improve at the game
  • Reference - information about in game stats such as tech trees, unit facts, etc
  • Community - discuss all things AOE, find people to play with, learn more about the game.
  • Games - similar games

Adding new content

We're always looking for new content. Fill out our submit form and it should be live with 24 hours.

Tech Stack

View code at Github. Pull requests and issues are welcome.
  • SvelteJS
  • Vercel
  • Tailwind