AOE Library
  • Age of Noob

    Gaming content creator, primarily the Age of Empires franchise!

  • AoE2 Calculator

    Compare unit stats and see who wins in a fight

  • CaptureAge

    CaptureAge is a tool for analyzing and observing Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, providing additional features like more zoom, reverse replay, instant timeline jumping and statistics.

  • DE Replays Manager

    Manage Age of Empires 2 Definitive Replays & Downgrade or Upgrade to any version

  • Daut

    AOE2 Pro Player - known as The Lord

  • MBL

    High level player with uploads of streams.

  • MembTV

    MembTV is one of the most veteran Twitch streamers in the Age of Empires community. Casts of pro games and tournaments

  • Nili

    Age of Empires 2 Tournament Commentator, Tournament Organizer and high level player

  • Random Rating Match Retriever

    Find games with a random elo

  • Survivalist

    Having fun climbing the AOE2DE 1v1 RM ladder! 28 year old Canadian from the west coast. Playing at 1900+ 1v1 RM level. Coaching streams and high level AOE

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  • T90

    Caster & Live streamer. Videos with low elo and high level players alike.

  • TaToH

    Soy Roberto, o más conocido como TaToH, y soy jugador profesional de Age of Empires II. Ahora mismo formo parte de Gamer Legion junto a DauT, TheViper, Nili, Slam y JorDan.